Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Karl says très chic - oh oui, I agree!

I have a lovely new nail polish from Catrice's Ultimate Nudes collection:

N° 090 - Karl says très chic

(Embedded Video)

As I mention in the video, I would not necessarily call this color "nude". It is a rose-pink with a mauve undertone, very wearable und classic. Hence the name, I guess!

Here are some pictures for you:

In the sunlight (taken with IPhone)

The application is due to the new brush design really easy (the brush is nice and thick) and the first coat is already quite opaque. I applied two coats and am very satisfied with the outcome.
Catrice's nail polishes are inexpensive and deliver great results. Me likey!
On an unrelated note, it looks like spring finally arrived (and not just according to the calendar). Woohoo! Are you also so happy to welcome the sun back into your life? Or do you life in a year-round sunny place? If that's the case, I envy you!

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