Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy weekend!

It is carneval!
Are you celebrating carneval? Here, being quite close to cologne, on of the carneval capitals of Germany, things tend to be quite wild.
Basically, noone works for 5 to 6 days straight, no matter what they tell you. Many companies here have at least Monday off, some even Tuesday and/or Thursday (yesterday).

There are parades and parties, the shops in the city center are closed and outside they tend to have weird opening times (think supermarket etc). Me, I plan on not to play too wild this year. Yesterday, the offical festivities started at 11:11 am and we had some sparkling at work. Terrible, champagne on an empty stomach? Hello tipsiness!

I am looking forward to our tiny quarter parade on Sunday. It is very cute with all the schools, kindergardens and clubs taking part. The big parades usually take place on Monday (think Cologne, Mainz..) and are broadcasted on TV, so if you don't want to face the crowds or freeze to death this is a great option. Alas, you will get no sweets that way!