Monday, October 3, 2011

October Photo Challenge Day 2: What I wore

Several people commented on the "top" I was wearing on day 1 (thanks a lot for the lovely comments, it made my day and I will most definitely look into jewel colors for my fall wardrobe).

Two observations:

Oh look, it's a dress!
Oh look, she is wearing the same stuff as the day before!

To which I can only say yup, guilty as charged. I moved to the UK mid-august and I didn't bring any "summery" clothes with me - after all, it's the UK, right? Umbrellas, fog, no sunshine.... (which was really true for my first weeks here, it was dreadful!). 
Remind me to put up some pics from that firsts weeks in comparison to the pics from the last few days, cause it was *singsongvoice* gor-geous! 

It was hotter than in Greece (which lead to the clever tweet:
"Dear Greece, if you pay your bills, you can have your weather back. Love, the UK" *ROTFL).

Anyway, I picked up the dress as a "going out" dress (with tights or leggings) and I was so happy to have it (+ another one) during this untypical fantastic weather.

And, as I like making videos (obviously, just check my last entries...) here is one especially for you:


  1. I am a Longchamp lover too!! I am always saying my next one will be black then I fall in love with the colors and end up with purple or blue!

  2. I love this one so much, it is a Plan├Ętes and not a "more usual" Pliage (therefore the black flap and handles, it is also more sturdy).

  3. I am guilt of wearing the same thing two days in a row. The dress is cute so I say it is ok :)

  4. the dress AND the color!