Friday, July 8, 2011

Spring haul in summer? Yeah, I'm late......

This is a video I filmed in April, uploaded in May and finally blog about now.... shame on me!

So, here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

I talk about the fading "gold" problem... here you can see what I mean:

<-- not happy with that --> 
It's a pity as I really like the rings, especially the "Love" ring. I am even thinking of having it recreated on etsy or with a local artist... at least for the stacking rings I found a lot of great options on etsy, if you like them, definitely check it out!

Ok, moving on to my Lush purchase:
I really like the "Angels on Bare Skin" - but I am just to lazy for it. I prefer my products in a tube, premixed, easy for travelling.

"Celestial" - I did not buy it. It is quite expensive and I am fine with my cream right now.

Mask "The sacred truth" - love it.
Why I think it should be called "The SCARY truth":
Point taken. You are welcome.

So, tell me... any recent lush purchases? Did you ever have a ring made from scratch? Was it expensive? Did you ever look like Hulk after applying a mask? Curious minds want to know!

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