Friday, July 8, 2011

Spring haul in summer? Yeah, I'm late......

This is a video I filmed in April, uploaded in May and finally blog about now.... shame on me!

So, here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

I talk about the fading "gold" problem... here you can see what I mean:

<-- not happy with that --> 
It's a pity as I really like the rings, especially the "Love" ring. I am even thinking of having it recreated on etsy or with a local artist... at least for the stacking rings I found a lot of great options on etsy, if you like them, definitely check it out!

Ok, moving on to my Lush purchase:
I really like the "Angels on Bare Skin" - but I am just to lazy for it. I prefer my products in a tube, premixed, easy for travelling.

"Celestial" - I did not buy it. It is quite expensive and I am fine with my cream right now.

Mask "The sacred truth" - love it.
Why I think it should be called "The SCARY truth":
Point taken. You are welcome.

So, tell me... any recent lush purchases? Did you ever have a ring made from scratch? Was it expensive? Did you ever look like Hulk after applying a mask? Curious minds want to know!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A new Body Shop Product - Body Butter DUO

Here is a video for you about this cool new Body Shop Duo Body Butter:

I really like this concept. I use the thicker part for my elbows, knees and after shaving my legs, the light cream for all other parts of my body. No complaints so far.

As stated in the video, I bought mine in the UK for 5 GBP due to the great offer combined with the magazine coupon (you can still get the magazine for 6 more days!).
The US TBS website lists the duo body butters as out of stock, unfortunately. They are having an offer as well, 15$ instead of 18$, so if you are interested you might want to check if your local TBS has this offer as well!

The 4 scents are:
floral acai (that's the one I have, very floral, summery, girly)
sweet pea

Have fun!