Monday, April 11, 2011

P2 lip passion gloss

Hello everyone, long time no see!

I have a short video for you:

The reason for my absence is not that I don't want to blog or film any more, in fact, I had a lot of fun filming this short sequence. 

I am still having problems with my internet connection, I use an internet stick with a limit of 5GB per month (which I always exceed, even without youtube!). After this, my internet is really slow (like, stone age slow).

Furthermore, someone close to my heart is quite unwell and we were going through a difficult time. Thank you for sticking with me and thanks to all of you who reached out to me. Any positive thoughts, vibes and prayers are still truly appreciated :) 
Life is short, sometimes even shorter than you think, so I encourage you to tell the people in your life that you love them! They are in your heart because you let them in... so there must be a reason, right?

Love you all!

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