Thursday, March 10, 2011

My new fun nailpolish shade

Are you also just done with winter? I definitely am. When I spotted this nailpolish, the color screamed "Pick me up! Spring is coming! I am fun!".
What should I do - I mean, I could leave the poor little thing behind, right?

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition nailpolish, and even more unfortunate, only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as far as I know.
It is Essence's "04 Roy's Red" (Limited Edition: "Whoom! Boooom!" (inspired by MAC's Wonder Woman LE, I guess)).

Sorry for the terrible hand shots (a hand model, I am not).
Roy's Red is a red (really?) with a strong pink undertone. Very easy to apply, shiny and pretty!
Makes me want to throw on a summer dress and go for an icecream - go away cold!
According to Paddy from IuA, it is a dupe for Essie's "Wife goes on" (so this is my tip for my US and UK and where-ever readers!).

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