Saturday, February 19, 2011

A lush gift set for me!

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday: a lush package!
Want to see what's in it? Here, help me unwrap it:

(Youtube video)

The Sparkle set contains a shower jelly named sweetie pie and a glitter bar ("shimmy shimmy").

Today, I tested both products and I had so much fun using the shower jelly. I never used one before, just poked them in the lush store as I said in the video, so I was really curious! I did not crush it but used the whole thing by rubbing it over my body (a task much more difficult as it sounds, considering I had this whobbly, slippery blob in my hand - I swear it is alive!). It lathered up fine. The smell is fruity, quite artificial, but not overpowering, and, sniffing my arm now, I can tell you it's almost gone. My skin feels quite soft (and I just realize I did not moisturize at all, so this is a small miracle!). Even though the sweetie pie shower jelly is sparkly, no glitter stayed on my body.

But fear not, sparkle fan, there is the second product: the shimmy shimmy glitter bar. Which, surprisingly enough, gives you a really soft skin with tons of glitter! (Who would have guessed that!) I used it just on my décolletage and I look like freaking Edward Cullen. 
It really gives a ton of golden glitter while leaving the skin soft and pampered. I can see me reaching for it Carneval and New Year's Eve, and maybe also for more private occasions....

Thank you Y. for sending me such a beautiful gift!

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