Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things that make me happy..

My new resolution is that I will try to see the light in every situation and enjoy my life to the fullest. Life is so short, and ugly, sad things can happen so fast...

I know that it is hard, but I will try to post little things that make me happy every now and then, to remind me of the wonderful world we live in.

Do you want to join me? What makes YOU happy?


  1. What makes me happy? Well, there are many things. I will share a few of them with you:
    Buying my ticket for the book fair.
    Looking at the big grin of my nephew.
    Sitting in the sun, reading a goods book.
    And, of course, meeting you, Lizzy!

  2. Great things!
    Yes, meeting you definitely makes me happy.. looking forward to our trip to London already!

  3. Yeah, me too. London, Lizzy and the royal wedding, looking forward to wonderful days!

  4. Awwwww Sarah! That's a big one! (even though I would gladly change places with you right now). I was thinking of you yesterday, there was something about Seattle and surroundings in the TV. The woods looked so pretty!

  5. Having a healthy daughter...and a great friend in Germany. Love you Anke!

  6. Sara, that's the most beautiful reason of all and I hope that I will be able to experience it one day for myself. Untill then, I am a happy german auntie! Love you too!

  7. Today reading your blog and finding you in a good mood makes me happy, Anke!

  8. *tears up* oh Claudia, thank you *big hug*