Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food by US-State

Jenna tweeted about this interesting food map of the USA

funny food photos - Food Map
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What do you think about the representation of your state (my US readers) or the states you have visited, read about, seen on tv etc (all my readers)?

Just a few of my thoughts:
California: I was thinking citrus fruits, but I guess grapes is acurate, giving the wine production over there
Virginia: Ham - YES! That was exactly what my students recommended on our field trip, and it was delicious. Furthermore, peanuts..
New York: Pizza - oh yes, my favourite one was at Big Nick`s, 2175 Broadway (77th and Broadway). Also Burgers (also at Big Nick's!). And Hot dogs. And tons of coffee.
Illinois: Chicago-style Pizzy - sure thing.
Wisconsin: Cheese - yes, I visited a lot of dairy farms there. Good choice.
Michigan: can't really remember anything specific

What is Knoeplah btw?


  1. Googled a bit and found out that the word Knoeplah/Knoephla/Knephla (a dumpling commonly used in soups in North Dakota) derives from the german "Knöpfle". Knöpfle in Germany is about the same as Spätzle, so perhaps Knoeplah is made of pasta dough?

  2. Thank you Claudia! That totally makes sense. I'd like to try some, I love dumplings!

  3. The football game between Washington State University and University of Washington is called Apple Cup.
    Doesn't that say everything?

  4. Michigan = cherries! :-)

  5. And I'm kind of disappointed that maple syrup was beaten out by Ben & Jerry's for Vermont...