Monday, November 8, 2010

A sunday field trip.. and I take you along!

 Hey everybody,
this whole youtube thing (my channel) is actually a lot of fun... so I took my camera along yesterday.

Lesson #1: I need a bigger memory card, as I ran out of space pretty quickly

Lesson #2: Yes, people will think you are crazy when they see you talking to yourself in public..... in a foreign language

Lesson #3: Don't tilt the camera while filming (*cough*)

 So jump on board and join me on my trip to Rheinbach, a small city nearby.

Tell me... do you want more videos?
German or English?
Subjects? (trips, makeup, books..... any ideas?)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Take care!


  1. auf jeden Fall mehr Videos von Anke! Wenn du schon keine Beauty Expertin werden willst, fände ich wechselnde Themen schön.

  2. I love these videos Anke! Can you do a trip around Bonn sometime??

  3. Books and Make up, pleeease! I did enjoy your field trip video as well, though, great job!