Sunday, November 7, 2010

German: Review P2 Coquette Powder + Blush

This product is a limited edition product only available in Germany/Austria (Switzerland? Dunno...), therefore I decided to make the video in german.

P2: Coquette Powder and Blush (Limited Edition: "Meet me at 12:30", available NOW)

In short: it is a cream-to-powder foundation plus a cream blush. I like the blush, which is quite naturally looking (a red with a golden undertone), but I am not sold on the powder, which really enhanced any dry parts of my skin. I used it as a concealer yesterday and today, this was lovely and is my recommended use!

Conclusion: If you really like the blush, go for it, otherwise don't.

Small print: Bought by myself for myself :)


  1. Ja, bin ich. Danke, Anke! :D

  2. I don't know what you're saying, but it's good to see and hear you! :-)

  3. Next one will be in english! Actually, I can post it today, look out for it 'soonish' :D

  4. Die andere Julia ist auch zufrieden! ;-)
    Ich habe übrigens diese Woche mal die (transparente) Alverde Foundation ausprobiert, die ist auch sehr gut! :-)