Thursday, August 13, 2009

And another Twilight related post!

One *might* get the opinion I love making fun of Twilight (maybe just a liiiiittle bit). But it's not that I search for these things - they just cross my path, in fact, they come running and throw themselves in front of my car!

This is a page of the german "Glamour" magazine
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It reads
"Is it okay.... have a crush on teeny stars if you are 30 year old?"
Pictured is one of the Jonad weirdos, Zachy boy from HSM and our friend Edw-.. no, Cedr-.. äh, Robert.

The verdict:
31% yes
69% NO!

Actually, I _am_ wondering why thirty- or fourtysomethings (*cough*) lust after Edward. Is it the youth? The danger? The mommy hormones?
Please enlight me, I wont judge!

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